Bali Ubud Tours is part of Bali Half Day Tour Packages by offer to explore the tourist destination in Ubud Village for short time with private car and English speaking driver. Ubud village known as the Art village and popular tourist destination in Bali islands. The Ubud Tour is the trips where you could witness the artistic people or the center of Balinese traditional and modern art. The Ubud Tour is perfect choices for those didn’t have much time but want to visit the center Art Village. The first stop during Ubud Tour will be Celuk Village where the entire village is involved in Gold and Silverwork, in celuk village you can see how Balinese people create the gold and silver art jewelry. Then the Ubud Tour continue to visit the Batuan Village where the village very popular with the traditional Fine Art, we will visit one of the house of painter to see the Balinese traditional painting art. Then the Ubud Tour continue to visit Ubud Monkey Forest in the center of Ubud village, you will see hundreds of monkeys lives here. Then our amazing Bali Tours Driver will drive to continue visiting Ubud Royal Palace which is Ubud King traditional house, we will see the amazing building which use as a governance center during Ubud King era. The Ubud Tour gives you insight of artistic Bali and its development.


Points of Interest will be visit during the Bali Ubud Tour :

Ubud Celuk Village
Ubud Celuk Vilage is the popular places for gold and silver art, the entire village was nvolved in the gold and silver art. Long time people in this village work as a farmers, as a tourism becoming main commodity in Bali, more people begin learn to craft silver and gold.

Ubud Batuan Village
Ubud Batuan Village Which famous along the tourist, this village offer the amazing traditional painting art. Is perfect places to stop during Ubud Tour to see Balinese people make traditional painting and see the collection of fine art at Ubud Batuan Village.

Coffe Plantation

Great coffee plantation along the side of terrace and also friendly farmer will explain you about their work to produce the most wanted coffee in Bali called Luwak coffee and also the farmer will welcome you to try enjoy the fresh coffee on the coffee time in the coffee plantation.

Ubud Monkey Forest
Ubud Monkey Forest located in south district of Ubud Village. The monkeys within sacred monkey forest are commonly called long tail macaques. The presence of the forest is a demostration of the harmonious co existence humans and nature.

Ubud Royal Palace
Ubud Royal Palace is an Ubud Kingdom Palace and located in the heart of Ubud district, Is traditional house where the Ubud king live with his family and use the palace as a govermence centre during kingdom era. The location right opposite with Ubud Art Market.

Bali Ubud Tours Itinerary :

– Pick Up at Hotel
– Visit Celuk Village (Gold and Silver Smith)
– Visit Batuan Village (Art Painting)
– Visit Coffe Plantation
– Visit Ubud Monkey Forest
– Visit Ubud Royal Palace
– Visit Ubud Art Market
– Enjoy Lunch
– Drop Back to hotel

Bali Ubud Tours Pick Up Time :
Pick Up Time : 09.00 am
Duration : 6 – 7 hours

Note : let us know if you want to change the time for pick up

Bali Ubud Tours Price :
We have two price you can choose which is the Standard Tours Price and All Include Tours Price

Standar Tours Price :
Rp. 400.000/car (1 – 6 person)
Rp. 850.000/minibus (1 – 12 person)
Inclusion : Private Car + Petrol + English Speaking Driver

All Include Tours Price :
Rp. 500.000/person (All Include Tours Price is Quote per person for Minimum Booking 2 Person)
Inclusion : Private Car + English Speaking Driver + Petrol + Entrance Fee + Lunch Indonesian Food

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